3 Top Tools to Create a Business Name

The potential of any business lies in its name. You can have a great idea and brands. But if you are unable to come up with a catchy and attractive business name, the chances are that your venture will cripple on the first days of its birth or launch. However, the ability to develop unique names is not a universal gift.

While some people are creative machines, others can take a century to develop a name. Despite this, they will come up with a boring name that sends customers away instead of attracting them. Nevertheless, technology is now offering a lasting solution in creating a business name for your venture. Here are the top 3 tools to accomplish the task:


Is creativity one of your business naming criteria? If yes, Wordoid is the tool for you. Wordoid is a tool that applies word intelligence to combine words that look nice and catchy. The names generated may not make any sense but are easy to brand. Also, the tool gives an opportunity to decide the word combination you want to align with your business. Hence, if you love uniqueness and creativity, you can decide to go with the randomly generated names. Else, you can determine your keyword combination by keying in your favorite words.


Maybe you are looking for a name to give to your project. As you know, creativity is not every human’s gift. Some are more creative than others, and people are blessed differently. However, with technological advancements, this should not continue being your operating theme in life. In this essence, Gospace is one the advancement for people with limited creative abilities. The tool enables you to develop perfect names for your business or projects. All you have to do is to input your keyword and get on with the search process.

Business Name Generator

If you are not ready to venture at the moment, you do not have to pay to generate a business name. Business Name Generator is a free name creating tool from Shopify. Here you do not have to pay a dime to search for a name of your next online shop. The tool gives you a chance to combine a keyword and other names you want in your domain or business name. Also, it allows you to come up with a creative and catchy name that will capture the imagination of potential customers.

With this three business name creation tools, it’s now your chance to get in action.
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